Note Keeper

A Flutter + AppWrite Project

Note Keeper is a Note Creater App build with Flutter backed by AppWrite (An Open-Source Backend Server)

💡 Functionalities

  • Login and Register with Email and Password
  • Create Note
  • Edit Note
  • Delete Created Note
  • Search Note

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🚀 Installation

❤️ AppWrite

To run AppWrite Backend locally

  • Install Docker
  • Add appwrite/docker-compise.yml in your Docker Client

💙 Flutter

To run Flutter App locally

  • Install Flutter
  • Navigate to frontend/
  • Run flutter pub get

🔧 Configuration

To Run this Application locally on your Machine.

  • Make sure AppWrite and Flutter is Installed

  • Navigate to frontend/

  • Create a file name .env

  • Add Following:


    Update the values as per your appwrite client.

📦 Packages

Following packages are being used in this flutter app:

package useage
appwrite Official flutter package to use AppWrite
dartz Functional programming in Dart
equatable To make comparsion of Model easy
flutter_dotenv Load configuration at runtime from a .env
flutter_quill Rich text editor
flutter_riverpod State management library
flutter_staggered_grid_view Provides a collection of Flutter grids layouts
logging Create readable logs
routemaster Easy-to-use router for Flutter, which wraps over Navigator 2.0

👨‍💻 Contributor

Made by Tekeshwar Singh


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