🚀 AppsFlyer SDK Sample App for Flutter 📱📱

This is a sample Flutter app that demonstrates the integration of the AppsFlyer SDK.
The app is using version 6.9.3 of the SDK.
Sample app packageName is com.appsflyer.sdk.support.flutter.demo.af_flutter_sample_app

🎁 Features 🎉🎉

This sample app includes the following features:

📝 Basic Integration Instructions 📝

When the application is first being launched, the SDK won’t start yet as it is in deferred mode by default.
This can be changed by switch the “Deferred Start” toggle and re-launch the application.
The default state is to use deferred start and use UDL instead of GCD for Deferred Deep Linking (and eventually also Direct deep linking).

🌐 Deeplink Feature with UDL or OAOA + GCD 🚪

On the main page you can select using UDL or default legacy solution such as OAOA and GCD.
Configure to your own DEV_KEY and APP_ID inside the AppConstant class.
For the deeplink configuration:

🎯 In-App Events Testing 🎯

You can choose between 3 different scenarios:

  • Regular In-App Event📊
  • Purchase In-App Event💰
  • Custom In-App Event📌

👥 User Invite Testing 👥

You can now create generated short link via the User Invite feature.
Make sure to input the correct App Invite OneLink ID in the main screen before starting the SDK and you can override these fields:

  1. Media Source (pid, default is af_app_invites)
  2. Channel
  3. Campaign
  4. deep_link_value
  5. deep_link_sub1
  6. deep_link_sub2
  7. deep_link_sub3
  8. deep_link_sub4
  9. deep_link_sub5
  10. deep_link_sub6
  11. deep_link_sub7
  12. deep_link_sub8
  13. deep_link_sub9
  14. deep_link_sub10

📱 Device Data 📱

For each Platform you will have the following:

  • Fetching GAID for Android 🤖
  • Fetching IDFA and IDFV for iOS 🍎

You have the ability to disableIdentifersCollection 🛡️


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