Estate Manage Tenant Flutter App (Beta)

This is the frontend mobile app of the EstateManage.Net platform. For detail documentation, please see the backend repository.


  1. Login to your Firebase console to create a new project with Android and iOS Apps. Note that the GoogleService-Info.plist & google-services.json files you don’t need to download & copy to your flutter project. It will be handled by FlutterFire as next instruction.

  2. Follow the FlutterFire installation instructions to generate (auto generated by Firebase) GoogleService-Info.plist, google-services.json, and firebase_options.dart

  3. Create new JSON file at assets/cfg/dev.json. Copy below contents to modify the values to your debug environment:

  "hostApiUri": "<YOUR_BACKEND_URL>",
  "hostS3Base": "<YOUR_S3_ENDPOINT_URL>"
  1. Modify the assets/cfg/prod.json & enter the values for your production environment.

Debug The App

In Visual Studio Code, select the “Debug Mode” & press [F5] to start the debugger.

  1. If your language is other than English, you can create a new language JSON file which copies from assets/langs/en-US.json to your language in same directory. For more information, please refer to the package easy_locations.


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