viteED – a quick learning app

viteED is an open source learning app, currently under development. The app aims at providing users a platform to read or/and write mini blogs (<=100 words) on various range of topics.


To know more about how this app will look, have a look at its proposed design.

Have suggestions for the design? Create new design issue.

Tech Stack

  1. Flutter via dart
  2. Appwrite as BaaS

Call for Contribution

Contribute to this project with your skill set. Since we started very recently, currently this app in it’s basic phase with most of things un-done.
Steps to contribute:

  1. Create an issue on what you plan to add or show intent of contribution to an existing un-assigned issue.
  2. Follow the discussion on the issue with other contributors
  3. Clone and develop.
  4. Test and Push the changes.

Code of Conduct

Review the Code of Conduct


Any feedback would be appreciated. Create a new feedback issue.


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