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About 📖

Today I want to share with you my Youtube Redesign UI concept📱

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Challenges and Learnings along the way 🤯

In the development of these applications, I learned a lot about logic, folder organization, and I had a new idea and learned about
Flutter Widgets.I got along well with the development of this application. Unfortunately there was a silly error that cost me a
certain amount of time, and the only thing I should have done was to give a "Flutter Pub Get" in Terminal, fortunately, I found
this solution,and the application works normally in version 3.0.5 

How to Use 🤔

- Clone this repository:

- Enter in directory:
$ cd YoutubeRedesign

- For install dependencies:
$ flutter packages get

- Run the app: 
$ flutter run

How to Contribute 💪

- Fork the project 

- Create a new branch with your changes:
$ git checkout -b my-feature

- Save your changes and create a commit message telling you what you did:
$ git commit -m "feature: My new feature"

- Submit your changes:
$ git push origin my-feature

License 📝

This repository is under MIT license. You can see the LICENSE file for more details. 😉

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