A barber application that allows users to register seats in advance

A barber application that allows users to register seats in advance

Inspiration 💡

The inspiration behind our barber application came from the frustration of waiting for haircuts and the desire to provide a more efficient solution. We aimed to address the pain points of long wait times and enhance the overall experience for customers and barbershops.

What it does 📲✂️

Our barber application revolutionizes the haircut booking process. Users can register seats in advance, eliminating the hassle of waiting. The app optimizes barber schedules, reducing wait times ⏳. Real-time updates keep users informed about available slots, while personalized profiles enable customization. Notifications and reminders ensure users never miss appointments 📅. Customer reviews and ratings promote transparency and trust, while loyalty programs and special offers encourage retention.

How we built it 🛠️

We built the application using a robust tech stack:

  • Flutter for cross-platform compatibility.
  • NodeJS with Express for server-side development.
  • MongoDB and Mongoose for efficient data storage.
  • TypeScript for type-safe and maintainable code.
  • We followed best practices on GitHub for efficient collaboration and code reviews

Accomplishments we are proud of 🏆

  • We take pride in achieving a production-quality codebase and utilizing best practices on GitHub. Developing type-safe code using TypeScript enhanced maintainability. Integrating external loyalty programs improved the customer experience and fostered retention.

What we learned 📚

  • Building Scalable and Secure Applications: We learned the importance of designing and developing applications that can handle increasing user demand and scale effectively. We focused on creating a scalable architecture that could accommodate a growing user base while ensuring data security and privacy.
  • Type Safety with TypeScript: Leveraging TypeScript for development provided us with the benefits of type safety. We learned how to write code that catches potential type-related errors early, improving overall code quality and maintainability. TypeScript helped us write robust and reliable code, reducing the likelihood of runtime errors.

What’s next 🔜

  • Moving forward, we plan to enhance the application by integrating online payment options, implementing geolocation-based search for nearby barbershops, and creating a comprehensive analytics dashboard for barbershop owners. Our goal is to expand our user base, onboard more barbershops, and establish ourselves as the go-to platform for hassle-free haircut bookings.


A barber application that allows users to register seats in advance
A barber application that allows users to register seats in advance


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