A web3 application that combines hiking and GameFi

This is everything for BNB Hackathon

Hikendog is a web3 application that combines hiking and GameFi, aiming to provide users with both the joy of hiking and the potential for earning rewards. By integrating gaming elements into the hiking experience, Hikendog offers users an immersive and rewarding journey.

HikenDog was born to change the current landscape where many Move2Earn projects lack entertainment value and have high barriers for web2 users to join. We have incorporated the exploratory nature of Pokémon Go and the entertainment value of the Doge ecosystem. Additionally, we have integrated numerous gaming-oriented NFTs. Our concept is centered around “Hiking to earn,” where the key emphasis lies in the idea of hiking for fun and subsequently earning rewards.

HikenDog consists of 4 parts :

  1. Front-end Build by flutter(https://github.com/JerryLai0909/HikenDog-For-BNB-Hackathon-Only/tree/main/HikenDogFront-end-flutter)
  2. Back-end Build by Node.js(https://github.com/JerryLai0909/HikenDog-For-BNB-Hackathon-Only/tree/main/HikenDogBack-end)
  3. Blockchain-end Build by solidity(https://github.com/JerryLai0909/HikenDog-For-BNB-Hackathon-Only/tree/main/HikenDogContract)
  4. Data structure Mysql(https://github.com/JerryLai0909/HikenDog-For-BNB-Hackathon-Only/tree/main/HikenDog-DataStructure)

HikenDog Deck


The Architecture Design

A web3 application that combines hiking and GameFi

Demo Video

A web3 application that combines hiking and GameFi

The NFT Design

A web3 application that combines hiking and GameFi

HikenDao Use Case and Scenario Descriptions

  1. We will gather users through a web3 social platform and distribute a Doge-themed NFT as an airdrop. This NFT will have functionality similar to staking and mining. For example, players who receive this NFT will be eligible to earn one HikenDog Token every 100 blocks.
  2. The Doge NFT can be upgraded to enhance mining capabilities. To upgrade, players will need to obtain specific NFTs such as “Food NFTs,” “Energy NFTs,” and “Exp NFTs.” These NFTs will play a crucial role in leveling up the Doge NFT and improving its mining efficiency.
  3. These NFTs can be acquired by exploring various locations within the hiking range. Each location will present different tasks that users need to unlock and complete near the corresponding coordinates. As users hike and reach these specific locations, they can unlock the tasks associated with them and earn the respective NFTs, such as “Food NFTs,” “Energy NFTs,” and “Exp NFTs.”
  4. Some NFTs can be obtained by spending tokens or a specific amount of in-game currency. Users may need to trade or exchange tokens for these NFTs. On the other hand, certain NFTs can be acquired through a synthesis process, similar to how players obtain equipment in games. Users will need to combine multiple NFTs together to create a new, upgraded NFT with enhanced attributes or abilities.
  5. Indeed, by creating a game-based economy with token consumption and continuous token generation, HikenDog establishes a logic similar to GameFi. However, HikenDog stands out as a dApp that can interact with the real world. This cycle can generate significant user traffic, leading to economic effects that attract advertisers, sponsors, partnerships, and clubs. This strengthens and fortifies the economic model of HikenDog, making it powerful and robust.

Choosing hiking as the activity for HikenDog allows for easy accessibility in the web2 world, enabling a larger user base to participate. Additionally, HikenDog will employ technologies similar to ERC-4337 to provide solutions for users who are not comfortable managing their private keys. By offering user-friendly solutions, HikenDog aims to bring a multitude of users into the web3 world, expanding the adoption and reach of the platform.


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